Atwood Technology Inc. has developed three integrated modules based on Semantic Technology which are dynamically linked to provide other businesses with an accurate and safe online environment via our custom hosting service.


Acumatch™ is a sophisticated matching engine based on an innovative technology that can quickly identify users’ preferences, personalities and priorities and help them to efficiently find what they need. With artificial intelligence and profiling built into the technology, it learns and adapts over time. The more it is used, the better the matches become.


IdentiFact™ Protection is our proprietary identity and data protection system, fully integrated to support our modules. IdentiFact enhances safety, security and privacy on the web.


Kanasur™ is a new level of interactive customer support utilizing industry experts and professionals. Customers can easily and quickly retrieve and access information and services required to support their needs. It is like having a rolodex of support personnel, a list of their skill sets and reviews from their other customers all at your fingertips so you can choose with confidence.

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